Streamlined Project Management

Assign tasks and track projects across distributed teams and devices.
Save time on iterations with centralized discussions and tasks.

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Projects provide a way for you to not only organize board, but also to easily provide access to anyone that needs it. Simply add users as project members and they will be able to access all current and future boards created in the project.

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Task Assignments

Keep discussions with tasks, instead of scattered across email. Mark comments as tasks to show what still needs to get done. Use @Mentions in a comment to automatically assign the task to multiple teammates.

In-App and Email Alerts

Never miss out on important updates. Get in-app notifications and set your email preferences to get alerts in your inbox as well. Get visual previews of the conversation and click to easily navigate to it in the board.

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Team User Roles

When you’re working with clients, you don’t necessarily want them to see others you are working with and all the work you do. With user roles, you can selectively share projects and ensure the right people are getting the information they need to be productive.

Activity Streams

Reduce time-consuming email threads and boost knowledge sharing. The Home Page displays the latest activity from your boards. Click on an updated to go to its location in the board.

Open Tasks Overview

Your Home dashboard includes an overview of all your open tasks. Consider it your Conceptboard To-Do list, making sure you stay on top of all your projects.

Board Overview

See all comments, new activity, and tasks in the board. Click to navigate to the item in the board and get more information.

Trello Integration

With our
Trello integration, you can add the tasks you create on a board to a card in Trello, so you can easily switch between high-level task overview and detailed visual content.

Salesforce Integration

With our Salesforce Chatter integration, you can keep everyone updated within the workstream you currently have while leveraging the rich functionality of Conceptboard.

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