Centralized Content Exchange

Easily centralize all content. With our import, export, and integration options, you can streamline Conceptboard into your existing workflows.

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Fast Boards from Emails

Is your inbox overflowing with files that need feedback? With Conceptboard’s Mail2Board, forward that email to new@conceptboard.com and we’ll automatically create a board for you.

Conceptboard Centralised Mobile

Easy File Sharing

Files added to a board can be downloaded again by any board participant-an easy way to make sure relevant documents are centralized. Need to attach a zip file? No problem! Files in unsupported formats can still be attached to the board for easy download.

Custom Board Exports

The boards you create are constantly evolving as your ideas grow. When you want to take a snapshot of a board, export the whole board or custom sections of it as PNG or PDF files. Exports include all comments and markup added to the board.

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Board Access Management

Stay in control of your content with password protected boards. Shared something with someone that should no longer have access? You can remove specific user’s access from your board and disable guests.

Transport Encryption

We've made it incredibly easy to share documents and ideas with Conceptboard. To protect your content, we provide constant secure and encrypted communications between you and our servers, so you can focus on things other than security.

Project and Board Archiving

When the project is done, you can archive your boards so all the work and communication stays neatly documented for future reference. Pro accounts have unlimited projects and boards, so you never run out of space.

Google Drive Integration

Have a file on Google Drive you want to add to a board or want to save a board you created on Conceptboard to your Google Drive account? With our Google Drive integration, you have a two-way document exchange to access your content wherever you prefer.

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