From Council Offices to Cultural Departments: How Conceptboard is Used Across Various Areas of Public Administration

Use Cases in the civil secotr with Conceptboard

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In public administration, there are countless offices, ministries, and associated tasks and responsibilities that need to be coordinated and executed—all under the increasing pressure to digitise the public sector.

Finding a tool that offers a tailored solution for each of these challenges is hard to come by. Additionally, the public sector places high demands on data protection levels, complicating the selection and slowing down the process of implementing supportive tools.

Conceptboard opens the door to digitisation for public administration. With Conceptboard, you come very close to this ideal, as it combines the functions of a digital whiteboard and provides a virtual workspace. You have unlimited space for collaboration, creativity, and all your ideas, regardless of location or time. Conceptboard is designed to make collaboration, especially in public administration, more efficient, transparent, and inspiring.

Conceptboard – the Jack-of-All-Trades for Digital Public Administration

Conceptboard is the place where employees from cities, municipalities, ministries, and authorities lead projects to success digitally and hybrid, solve problems together, and collaborate creatively. The intuitive and simple user interface ensures that all users become digital collaboration professionals in no time.

Moreover, the online whiteboard is suitable for use at all municipal levels. Whether in the office or in the field, Conceptboard can support digitisation and, above all, simplify everyday work.

Central Administration: Visualising Complex Processes Clearly

  • Development of new processes for the implementation of ordinances and laws: Conceptboard enables you and all stakeholders to clearly visualise processes. Work together with your team to jointly finalise processes for the implementation of ordinances and laws. For specific requirements from public administration, such as the Federal Information Management (FIM), Conceptboard offers its own templates that provide support for implementation and significantly accelerate the process. Thanks to more than 150 ready-made templates, additional methods can also be applied without delay.
  • Organisational charts and structures: With Conceptboard, organisational charts and structures can be created and expanded easily and quickly at any time. Thanks to the mind map function, even complicated structures can be depicted without becoming confusing. Export your organisational charts as PDFs and print them or use them in the intranet.
  • Interdepartmental thematic development of digital media, forms, and documents: Create and edit digital media and forms in a collaborative environment in accordance with the Online Access Act (OZG). Conceptboard provides you with a secure platform for their development and management. Thanks to the wireframe template, forms and their designs can also be created.
  • Digitalisation and IT project planning: Rely on a digital strategy and optimise IT project planning with Conceptboard. Planning tasks and work steps is precise and projects can be seamlessly processed and documented.

Environment / Mobility / Construction: Shape the Future Sustainably and Without Dead Ends

  • More transparent control of waste management including route planning: Routes and processes are best represented visually and require additional documentation. With features such as diagrams and comments, waste routes can be optimised and made more efficient on Conceptboard. Real-time information exchange ensures smooth waste management.
  • Planning of greening and irrigation for green areas: Greening and irrigation of green areas can be planned without any hassle through drawings and graphics. Maps, terrain plans, and construction plans can be integrated with a click. Moreover, teams can plan together, provide individual feedback, and make changes. This way, teams can organise and coordinate maintenance processes more efficiently, and present problems and alternatives accurately.
  • Planning of traffic and diversions: By integrating maps and traffic information, traffic routes can be visualised and optimised. Here too, teams can develop traffic concepts together and have the opportunity to react flexibly to unforeseen events. This allows the planning of creative and future-oriented Smart City projects to take place on Conceptboard as well.
  • Active Citizen Participation in Urban Development and Design: Conceptboard promotes more active citizen participation in urban development through critical mapping. With interactive maps and discussion platforms, citizens can contribute their ideas and develop solutions together. The visual representation of feedback enables the design of urban space according to citizens’ needs. Thanks to Conceptboard’s mobile usability, current statuses can be compared, documented, and changed in real-time during site inspections.

In the Security Sector: When Speed and Simplicity Are Needed

  • Fire department deployment planning: Coordinate fire department operations effectively and in consultation with all stakeholders. With Conceptboard, everyone is up to date and can access the plan from anywhere. Furthermore, your data on Conceptboard is 100% protected, as Conceptboard is GDPR-compliant and allows data to be hosted on German servers. Use one of our 20 retrospective templates on Conceptboard to conduct retrospectives and post-operation debriefings. Through these, teams can continuously optimise their way of working and make their deployment planning even more effective.
  • Simulation of hazard situations: Simulate and evaluate various hazard situations at events, such as demonstrations or sports events, in an interactive way. Conceptboard enables detailed and interactive planning that allows you to assess and control the situation better. Use Conceptboard as your tool of choice for briefings and involve all stakeholders.

Department of Education, Culture and Science: Setting Positive Examples

  • Public relations and events: Design and organise public relations, events, and citizen initiatives visually and effectively. With Conceptboard, you can be creative and save time planning various events, regardless of size. Work with service providers, external parties, or citizens without restrictions.
  • Implementation of hybrid lectures with participants on-site and at the computer: Conceptboard enables the creation of interactive presentations in which both participants on-site and online can participate. The use of features such as notes, drawings, and presentation mode also enables seamless collaboration among all participants.
  • Design of tourism and citizen initiatives: With Conceptboard, ideas for tourism projects and citizen initiatives can be visualised and further developed together. The features for collaborative planning of plans, routes, and concepts support efficient collaboration and enable positive impulses for the local community.

Health and Social Affairs: Setting Examples for a Better Society

  • Integration and Inclusion: Develop and design projects for integration and inclusion visually and effectively. Conceptboard provides a platform for collaboration and creates a basis for involving all interests and working together across different levels and boundaries.
  • Organisation of events: Organise seminars, events for citizens easily and efficiently. With guest access and individual access management, all parties have access to your content. Conceptboard not only enables clear planning and implementation but also interactive implementation of your events. This creates transparency, and all ideas find their place. Take a look at our article about ways to use Conceptboard for marketing activities.

Join the digital revolution today!

With Conceptboard, the secure online whiteboard that offers 100% data protection compliance and ISO 27001 certification, solutions for public administration are within reach. We understand the challenges facing public administration and offer a secure, collaborative, and intuitive platform that meets all requirements. Our diverse features and user-friendly interface make Conceptboard the ideal solution for complex projects and processes. Sign up now and revolutionise your digital collaboration!

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From Council Offices to Cultural Departments: How Conceptboard is Used Across Various Areas of Public Administration

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