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$0 per user per month
Start with 50 sqm of free space.

Offers the basic features for visual collaboration with our core whiteboard tools

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$8 per user per month
Min 3 users ($24). No setup fees.

Provides project management functionality integrated into your visual projects

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$49 per user per month
Min 10 users ($490). Setup fees apply.

Meets the individual collaboration needs of larger businesses

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We use Conceptboard to put a visual to the pricing process. We’ve had a higher close rate and clients are more likely to choose the higher priced/more comprehensive packages.

Josh Zweig
Partner at LiveCA LLP

Conceptboard makes us much faster, since we need way less on-site visits. It's a fantastic tool for anyone that has to present and discuss topics over big distances.

Ralf Schindler
Managing Partner mission:media
Basic Team Enterprise
Square meters start at 50 sqm unlimited unlimited
Guests up to 5 unlimited optional
Users 1 3 + 10 +
Whiteboard Tools
Conceptboard Toolkit (draw, shapes)
Comments and Stickynotes
Live Locations
Video chat refer 3 friends
Moderation mode refer 3 friends
Social Sharing optional optional
Mail2Board optional
Google Drive Integration optional
Chatter Integration optional
Trello Integration optional
File imports (drag, upload, app)
Attachment download
Project Management
Email Alerts
Team member management
Task Assignments
Custom subdomain
Custom login page
Dedicated Training
Constant SSL encryption
Disable social sharing
Password protected boards
Dedicated server instance
Dedicated server data encryption
Single-Sign-On optional
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Common Questions

Do I need to install anything?

No! Conceptboard works directly in your browser without installing anything!

How is space defined?

In Conceptboard, we describe your collaboration space in square meters. For our basic account, you start with 50 sqm of space that you can use anyway you like! For our paid plans, your space is unlimited!

How do I get more space?

If you have a basic plan you can easily get unlimited space by upgrading to a paid plan. Otherwise, you can get free square meters by referring friends. When a friend you invite to Conceptboard registers for an account, you both get 2 sqm for free.

What is a guest?

A guest is an unregistered user who you share access to a board with. They do not have an account with Conceptboard and therefore do not have account features such as a dashboard with all of their boards, activity across boards, open tasks, automatic notifications of changes on a board, etc.

Who do I pay for?

For a paid plan, the cost is based on all the users in your team or enterprise. The cost of the plan includes the aggregate cost for all users on the account. The cost per user is dependent on the plan you have chosen. You do not pay for guests as they are not part of your team or enterprise and therefore have no account functionalities.

Who is part of my team or enterprise?

You can invite whoever you want to collaborate with to your team or enterprise. Once invited, you can identify someone as an internal user (such as someone within your company), an external user (such as a client, supplier, or consultant), or as an administrator (manager of the account). Each of these roles has the same cost.

Is there a contract?

Enterprise plans require a contract. For all other plans, you can cancel at any time without a cancellation charge by accessing your administration page. Then you will not be charged any longer for the account. When you cancel your account, all of the content created with your account with be deleted.