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From concept to campaign launch

Accelerate execution

Create, review and deliver marketing campaigns and content. Collaborate with agencies, suppliers and internal teams. Compose briefings, give feedback and get approval.

Brand Marketing Whiteboard

Achieve better results

Optimize your marketing

Improve and adjust concepts and campaigns quicker to ensure that your messages are always relevant. Get creative for campaigns and visuals. Keep your team up-to-date on marketing materials and style guides.

Better plans, better results

Strategic Marketing

Get your marketing team on the same page and improve the effectiveness of campaigns, brandings, advertisements and more.

Conceptboard marketing strategy
Conceptboard Media Planning Schedule

Social Media Marketing

Easy media planning & overview

Plan your editorial calendar and social media postings. Compare individual media channels to effectively reach your target group.

Marketing analytics

Identify your customers

Collect market research on your customers. Develop personas and know your target group. Have all your data at your fingertips using the unlimited board space.

Conceptboard Customer Persona Behavior

Targeting the Customer

Conduct and compile various research while not losing track. Create sections in your board to keep an overview of all content.

User Experience

Compose ideas to improve your customers experience with group brainstorming sessions and review results together in our central workspace.

Increase Awareness

Design your events, activities, sponsorships, and content directly on boards to reach you leads and customers.

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