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Built for everyone in the design process

Conceptboard’s online whiteboard is the perfect tool to seamlessly share designs with cross-functional stakeholders, centralize feedback & fast-track approvals.

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    A board with a concept design represented on it, including the object, colors, textures, sticky notes

    Trusted by leading commercial and public sector organizations

    Bring non-designers into the design process

    Conceptboard empowers designers and non-designers to collaborate throughout the design process. It’s the easiest way to build a great feedback loop and get all stakeholders on the same page, irrespective of technical knowledge.

    designing directly on the whiteboard with the product development team, including pictures, documents, sticky notes

    Bring together all your files and feedback

    Bring together the people and conversations associated with a file or project. The context for your work is all here, instead of being scattered across multiple communication channels.

    Streamline your workflow

    Communicate with your design collaborators by leaving comments and tagging collaborators, who will be notified that you’ve left feedback.

    Conceptboard Design Collaboration

    Browser first experience

    All changes to boards are saved automatically & links open as tabs in your browser. This means no downloads and no need to save or version your boards. Easy peasy!

    Easy hand-offs

    Once specs and assets are approved, sharing them with engineers, agencies and vendors is as easy as sharing a link! Plus, you always have complete control over your board’s access permissions.

    Design Collaboration on the conceptboard whiteboard

    Value real collaboration

    They say it better than we do

    illustration representing organising online work

    Organize your work

    Structure boards into projects, share them with multiple collaborators and keep track of on-board activity through alerts.

    icon representing customizing templates

    Custom­izable templates

    Use our extensive library of ready-made templates to easily create Gantt Charts, Kanban boards, etc. to visually manage projects and deliver against roadmaps.

    icon for uploading files on the board

    Leverage the cloud

    Our cloud-based platform allows access to boards from anywhere, syncs across devices and auto-saves your work. Easily restore previous versions and be worry free!