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Online training for a better learning experience

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Reach more people

Online workshops and trainings

Save on travel expenditures by conducting trainings and workshops online – anytime, anywhere. Host virtual conferences to reach remote participants in the comfort of their homes or on the beach.

Greater interactivity

Teaching & Tutoring

Teach live and interactively in a virtual classroom, upload learning material and deepen the learning experience through assignments, tasks and discussions.

Teach in real-time

Live and online conferences

Speak live in front of an audience and expand your reach by allowing people to join online. A board allows up to six video streams and 50 participants listening without needing any additional software.


Group learning online

Invite users to join and engage with one another through discussions, calls and instant messaging. Encourage knowledge sharing and deepen the learning process.

Online team ice breaker

Connect your teams

Virtual team building

Virtual team building brings your remote teams closer together. Develop ice breakers, puzzles or digital escape rooms to bridge the spatial distance.

Screen sharing

Improve participants efficiency with video communication with face to face interaction. Deliver information straightforward and fast to make a more entertaining learning environment.

Insert Content

Upload contents of images, documents, and videos to a board to visually communicate your idea or explanation. Directly from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or files, even embed videos / audios into your lectures or workshops.

Expand your reach

Make a more comfortable learning environment where instructors can upload assignments or course materials, while moderating individual sections allowing participants to follow along.

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