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and approval workflow.

Approval Process

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Less e-mails, meetings & calls

Faster processes

No need to send emails, download attachments, review material and send feedback back via email. Save time by having all content and discussions arranged in one shared place.

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Faster project completion

Increase the project pace

Collaborate asynchronous and in iterations for a faster project completion: Present interim results and get quick feedback. This makes you faster, and ensures that projects are executed in a target-oriented manner.

Easily assign responsibilities

Manage tasks

Keep discussions aligned with tasks, instead of scattered e-mail.
Mark comments as tasks to track the status.
Use @-mentions to automatically assign tasks to team members.

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Always keep the overview

Track different versions

Upload and compare versions. Monitor how projects and versions evolve. Go back to older versions for reference and view the project as a whole.

Open Tasks Overview

Your home dashboard includes an overview of all your open tasks. Consider it your Conceptboard To-Do list, making sure you stay on top of all your projects.

Activity News Feed

Reduce time-consuming email threads and boost knowledge sharing. The home page displays the latest activity. Click on an update to go to its location in a board.

Project and Board Archiving

When a project is complete you can archive your boards and projects, so all the work and communication stays neatly documented for future reference.

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