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18 February 2016 Download as PDF

Conceptboard launches Dropbox Integration for More Efficient Visual Project Management

The online visual collaboration platform for teams and enterprises now lets you speed through visual projects, from idea to final approval.

STUTTGART, GERMANY (February 2016) Conceptboard, the visual collaboration platform for teams, announced a new integration with the popular file-sharing application Dropbox, that enables users to directly add images and documents, that are stored in their Dropbox Basic, or Dropbox for Business accounts, into their online whiteboards.

“Conceptboard continues to integrate seamlessly with the relevant tools that people already use in the workplace. The new integration helps eliminate time spent searching for files, and instead, lets teams easily work together on visual content, while centralizing their review, feedback, and approval process for all their digital assets in one place,” says Conceptboard CEO Daniel Bohn.

In the modern workplace, successful projects require more collaboration and creativity than ever. This creative collaboration happens when designers, marketers, and other creatives need to work with project managers, developers, partners, and clients to take projects from the initial idea to a final approved deliverable. This usually involves multiple rounds of feedback and iteration around drafts and documents stored in multiple places.

With its visual approach to reviewing content, collecting feedback, iterating, and getting the final approval, Conceptboard gives teams the power to better manage and collaborate on projects throughout the entire work life-cycle. Instead of dealing with endless email threads, attachments, or online file links, you can now centralize discussions and visual work in one place, directly on top of the content being discussed.

Conceptboard currently has 250,000 collaborators from 200 countries. Customers range from fashion brands, film production studios, IT and insurance companies, to consulting firms. The company has partnered with Trello, Google Drive, and now Dropbox in order to offer users greater flexibility and functionality.

About Conceptboard, GmbH

Conceptboard is a collaboration app for distributed and cross-functional teams working visually on projects in product and brand marketing, product design and management, and business and service design. With an emphasis on images and visual communication, Conceptboard is where teams come together to innovate, discuss, and present their products and services.

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