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15 May 2012 Download as PDF

Conceptboard – Online Teamwork for Instruction at Schools and Universities

Stuttgart, May 15th, 2012. Stuttgart-based company Conceptboard offers the perfect complement for netbook and iPad classes and the topic of “bring-your-own-device” in classrooms: one platform for interactive online collaboration.

The use of new media in the classroom is becoming increasingly important. Teachers and professors are no longer only employing conventional teaching materials but are also integrating the possibilities of state-of-the-art IT into their lesson plans. Conceptboard offers a valuable addition in this respect in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The maintenance-free online platform that can be accessed from anywhere enables seamless collaboration with any desired teaching materials – in real time or asynchronously. Teachers and professors can use the tool to interactively configure their lesson plans as well as to freely work with drawings, diagrams and documents together with their students. Content is created, imported and discussed in Conceptboard and assignments are completed directly in the classroom or from home – on classic PCs and laptops as well as on iPads and digital whiteboards.

Conceptboard makes it easy to prepare and give interactive presentations when teaching. Students are directly involved and participate live in the classroom using various devices (e.g. laptops, iPads and digital whiteboards). Integration with other tools such as Moodle, Wikis etc. is not a problem. The platform also supports student group work. Students can work on the content directly on the boards and discuss it. The functions of a bulletin board, flip chart and whiteboard are combined with the advantages of a digital work environment in the tool. Students can also continue to work on assignments and classroom results from home. Teachers and professors can manage, check and provide feedback on the work on Conceptboard at any time. “I work as an online language instructor and tutor,” says André Klein, a Hebrew teacher in Israel. “It is wonderful to have a tool I can use for sketching, commenting and demonstrating various concepts or workflows. We do lots of exercises with Conceptboard during class.”

Conceptboard GmbH
Conceptboard GmbH provides an online platform for teamwork on ideas and documents on a visual basis. Without endless email threads, concepts and documents can be developed, commented on and discussed. Conceptboard can be used as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) without installation and offers workspace for real-time collaboration and asynchronous access.

Conceptboard GmbH was founded in the fall of 2010 by Daniel Bohn and Christian Schröder, with the participation of private investors Michael Pott, Matthias Storch and Christopher Münchhoff. At the beginning of 2012, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Seedfonds BadenWürttemberg also became Conceptboard investors.