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Visual collaboration for Chatter groups. Increase your team's productivity by connecting Chatter to Conceptboard.

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Salesforce in Conceptboard

Visual Communication

Does your team live on Salesforce Chatter, but needs a flexible workspace to work with different visual or informational elements? With our Salesforce Chatter integration, you can share a board with groups on Salesforce Chatter.

Share your boards with Salesforce Chatter group!
Have real-time team collaboration in Conceptboard.

Real-time Collaboration

Have real-time team collaboration in a centralized location for all discussions, feedback, and presentation. You can have moderated sessions and live video chat for your weekly meetings or online presentations with your team or external clients.

Increased Productivity

By integrating Conceptboard into your Chatter group, your team can manage all content-related tasks assignments more productively. Accelerate decision making through reduced email traffic.

Your team can manage all content-related tasks assignments, using different types of file formats.

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