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25 März 2015 Download als PDF

Conceptboard Integrates with Image Relay to Help Businesses Streamline Content Reviewing and Feedback Workflows

The best visual collaboration platform for teams integrates with a digital asset management
solution to help businesses speed up the delivery of content and projects.

STUTTGART, GERMANY (March 2015) -Today Conceptboard announced their integration with Image Relay, a leading cloud-based digital asset management platform, to help businesses centralize the discussion and proofing process, while speeding up the creation and delivery of content.

In today’s busy world, brands and companies must tell a unified, visually engaging story to get the attention of their customers and audience. What was previously siloed work and information strung across several departments, now is frequently handled by cross-functional teams.

More than 86% of B2C marketers and 70% of B2B marketers report they need to create more content, but many are struggling to streamline the reviewing and approval process of that content across teams and departments. Conceptboard’s new integration with a digital asset management solution helps businesses centralize the review, feedback, and approval process for content in one place.

The integration provides the following benefits to enterprise, marketing, and agency teams:

  • • Drag and drop Image Relay single documents and folders
  • • Intuitive markup and commenting tools means clients, stakeholders or team members can review,
    comment, proof, and approve content faster.
  • • All discussions and feedback are saved “in-context” with the content, ensuring the right, cohesive
    message is maintained across iterations

Conceptboard is available as a hosted SaaS for small and medium businesses, or as a dedicated instance or On-Premises solution for enterprises, scalable to meet the requirements of teams and organizations.

About Conceptboard, GmbH

Conceptboard is a collaboration app for distributed and cross-functional teams working visually on projects in product development, product design, and business and service design. With an emphasis on images and visual communication, Conceptboard is where teams come together to innovate, discuss, and present their products and services. Conceptboard is based in Stuttgart, Germany. More information and a 30-day free trial can be found here: