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17 Dezember 2014 Download als PDF

Conceptboard unveils WebRTC video conferencing integration for better virtual team collaboration

New video conferencing integrated in each board helps global teams communicate from anywhere.

STUTTGART, GERMANY (December 17, 2014) ­Conceptboard is unveiling a new WebRTC video conferencing integration that is easily accessible from any Conceptboard, making it easier for virtual teams to communicate and collaborate around the world on all types of projects, including product development, product design, and service design projects.

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is ensuring clear communication in teams that are increasingly flexible, remotely distributed and global. In a survey of global business leaders, 52% said that they expected video conferencing to be their preferred method of communication by 2016.

Collaboration tools that integrate video conferencing help span geographical distances while keeping teams working productively from anywhere. With the latest update, Conceptboard has taken working together on visual content a step further by enabling
users to communicate in a more natural way.

„WebRTC rocks! It makes audio and video available to web apps in great quality and with a stable interface. On Conceptboard, it enables a distributed team to collaborate on visuals and designs as if they were in the same ‚physical war­room‘.“, says Conceptboard CEO Daniel Bohn. „In its native form WebRTC does have some limitations though, so we teamed with TokBox to ensure all our customers are able to experience the wonderful power of Conceptboard video conferencing on their computer or mobile

The new video integration for Conceptboard includes:

  • ● Up to 6x faster connections and improved audio and video quality
  • ● Goodbye Flash! No software to download and install
  • ● Connect with anyone that has a current WebRTCenabled browser or device,
    including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • ● Mobile video conferencing (web­based on Android tablets)

Conceptboard currently has 250,000 collaborators from 180 countries. Customers range from fashion
brands, to film studios and consulting firms. The company has partnered with Trello, Google Drive,
Salesforce Chatter, and now TokBox in order to offer users greater functionality and flexibility.

About Conceptboard, GmbH

Conceptboard is a cloud­based collaboration app for distributed and cross­functional teams working
visually on projects in product development, product design, and business and service design. With an
emphasis on images and visual communication, Conceptboard is where teams come together to
innovate, discuss, and present their products and services. Conceptboard is based in Stuttgart,
Germany. More information can be found here: