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17 Dezember 2013 Download als PDF

Conceptboard Announces Integration with Trello for Visual Task Management

Stuttgart, Germany, Dec 17, 2013. Following integrations with Google Drive and Salesforce Chatter, Conceptboard now offers a free integration with Trello which is available on all licenses.

The challenge with task management software is that they often lack visual context. This integration will allow users to link their tasks that are organized in Trello with their visual designs, annotations, and mockups in Conceptboard. Conceptboard provides flexible online whiteboards for teams to review and discuss visual content. Trello offers a visual way to organize tasks in a flexible workflow. Now, teams can link their Trello tasks with their content in Conceptboard to easily switch between high level task overview and detailed visual content.

After connecting Trello to a Conceptboard account, a user can easily turn a Conceptboard comment into a card in Trello by adding #Trello. The user can select which Trello board they would like to add the comment to, and then a card is immediately created in the first list on that board. The card includes a link to take the user back to the location in Conceptboard where the comment was created.

„Our new Trello integration is the first of several integrations with task management software our customers would like to see“, says Daniel Bohn, CEO of Conceptboard. „Trello is a great place to organize tasks collaboratively. But as in every task management, it’s challenging to include visual content. Quickly adding visual notes, collaborating on designs or annotating screenshots requires some time consuming workarounds with imports and exports and now Conceptboard is here to help!“

Conceptboard GmbH
Conceptboard offers online collaboration for teams to discuss and manage visually focused projects. With Conceptboard, you can not only leverage the power of flexible online whiteboards to develop your concepts, but also employ our project management tools to put your creative ideas into action. Conceptboard is a B2B SaaS product with licenses starting at the price of free! For more information visit