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31 Januar 2013 Download als PDF

Conceptboard now offers free connection to Google Drive for all licenses

Stuttgart, Germany, 31st January 2013. Conceptboard starts with important news into 2013: The company published its much-anticipated Google Drive integration for all Conceptboard licenses recently.

Conceptboard now offers a free connection to Google Drive which is available in all licenses. This integration connects two platforms complementing each other perfectly by providing users with a seamless workflow: All documents and drafts are saved in one place in Google Drive and can be discussed visually and interactively by opening them on Conceptboard. Iterations and feedback processes within projects have never been easier, even if team members are located on a different continent and in a different time zone.

By opening Google Drive documents on a Conceptboard, users can collaborate visually with colleagues, customers and suppliers by giving each other feedback without delays and misunderstandings. Vice versa, users can also save boards in their Google Drive account. Boards then behave like a regular Drive file: They appear in folders, modification dates are set and documents can easily be shared with others. Additionally, the Google+ Hangout app in Conceptboard was optimized. Users can collaborate with their peers smoothly on a board while they conduct a video conference via Google+ Hangout.

After the Salesforce Chatter integration last October, Conceptboard takes the next step in providing several integrations of external applications anticipated and demanded by their users. „Google Drive is a great platform to collaborate on shared text files and spreadsheets. Plus: You’re able to smoothly share and organize your drafts there. Now Conceptboard extends this with the possibility to have vivid visual discussions on a lot of other file formats like Photoshop or PDF. And all the boards where those discussions take place integrate seamlessly within your other files inside of Google Drive.“, states Daniel Bohn, co-founder and CEO of Conceptboard.

Conceptboard GmbH
Conceptboard is a B2B app for visual online collaboration. We’re helping teams to collaborate better by using our instant whiteboards for feedback and discussion of visual content. It’s easy as pen and paper but supports processes with tasks, notifications, and reports. Customers range from the individual executive consultant to the marketing department of an enterprise. They use Conceptboard in the internal communication as well as in the collaboration with suppliers and clients.

Conceptboard GmbH was founded in the fall of 2010 by Daniel Bohn and Christian Schröder, with the participation of private investors Michael Pott, Matthias Storch and Christopher Münchhoff. At the beginning of 2012, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Seedfonds BadenWürttemberg also became investors.