News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Conceptboard On-Premises delivers collaboration to your enterprise’s private cloud!


Today, I am proud to announce that online visual collaboration platform for teams and enterprises is now available as a self-hosted solution that runs on your local network. Introducing Conceptboard On-Premises, a new secure solution for companies and enterprises in highly regulated industries.

We’re bringing the benefits of online visual collaboration behind the company firewall, and helping organisations reap the productivity benefits of web based collaboration tools.

On-Premises Collaboration Benefits

Conceptboard On-Premises offers the same collaboration tools as the web-based application, in-house and behind the firewall. Your users get a simple, intuitive web interface for collaboration. Your IT department gets data security and control.

  •  Flexible workspaces that centralise documents and discussions, while reducing email overload.
  • Intuitive whiteboard tools that allow for faster iteration with feedback & documents “in-context”.
  • Secure real-time and remote collaboration: share and start a live session, and keep everyone in the loop with @mentions, alerts, and notifications.
  • Project management tools with projects, tasks assignments, and activity feeds.

On-Premises Deployment Options

Conceptboard On-Premises is easy to deploy on any industry standard hypervisors from VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, IBM, or Citrix.

It comes ready with a Single-Sign-On (SSO) SAML integration for easy user provisioning using common directory systems, such as Microsoft ADFS and OneLogin. This allows organisations to leverage existing infrastructure and security standards, while retaining full control over important aspects, such as data storage, user access controls, and system monitoring.

We’ve found that a lot of mid-market to larger enterprises in the EU and industries such as healthcare, finance, and automotive want the benefits of cloud collaboration applications, but often, they are not able to take advantage of them. This is due to security and privacy requirements stemming from local data protection laws, internal data directives and policies, or compliance regulations.

Are you in one of these industries that have been waiting for visual collaboration within your private cloud? Then find out more information about Conceptboard On-Premises and get in touch with us!


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