News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Ending full support for Internet Explorer 8

Conceptboard maintenance operations


Next week we start saying good-bye to Internet Explorer 8. We’re sorry to say, but we cannot fully support Internet Explorer 8 any longer as many new features on our roadmap need new technology and cannot be realized on IE8.

We would have loved to continue full support for IE8, especially because some of our Enterprise users still have to use this version, but the influence on the feature set is just too large. As Google and also Microsoft itself limited the support, we’re now taking the same decision based on a overall usage ratio of less than 1% and the certainty that also our Enterprise customers very often have alternatives accessible. Great browsers to use with Conceptboard are Firefox and Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9+.

I hope you understand our decision and together we can look forward to some awesome new features of Conceptboard in the coming months!



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