Guides Updated on: 5 April 2019

Visual Guides for New Users: How to share content securely in Conceptboard

New Conceptboard Visual Adoption Guides


As the number of Conceptboard new users grows, we want to make sure that every new user can pick up the basics of Conceptboard quickly and hit the ground running. After all, the faster you learn how use Conceptboard to fit your particular needs, the more efficiently you can collaborate with your team on visual content and projects!

We’re releasing the first of a new series of visual adoption guides for users, for new and experienced users alike!These easy visual manuals include tips and screenshots to  help you and teammates understand and use Conceptboard’s features in the way that best fits within your team’s and project’s workflows.

How to share content securely in Conceptboard

You can easily choose what you want to share, from a single board to your entire project in Conceptboard. Learn how to selectively share your work with teammates and clients.

How to share content securely in Conceptboard

For more information on the Conceptboard features described in the guides, you can visit our Help Center, watch tutorial videos, or find best practices and inspiration on the blog. Stay tuned for more adoption guides!


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