New video guide to boards: best features and shortcuts

Follow along with me—here’s a transcript of our new Conceptboard video guide:

Hi everyone, and welcome to a new Conceptboard guide. Here’s a quick overview of the board to get you started!

What’s on the board?

Top Bar

In the upper left corner there’s the left arrow which takes you back to your boards overview page.

The board’s name: where you can access board settings, download files, or use the Google Drive and Salesforce integrations, and the board summary where you can get caught up quickly with new alerts, tasks that have been assigned to you, and all board comments.

You can click on any item in the board summary to navigate directly to it.

In the top bar you can access all the tools via the create, review and insert tabs.

If you want more info on how to add content to your board, check out the linked tutorial video in the insert tab.

In the upper right corner you have the help, board outline, and share buttons. If you need to share the board, just click the share button and invite users from the contact list, via their email address, or share the link.

Bottom Bar

In the bottom bar you have the mini map, moderator presentation mode, video conferencing and live pointers – perfect for group sessions when you need to see what everyone is working on.

In the middle you can see any users currently on the board, and chat with them using the board chat feature on the left.

How do you navigate around the board?

The board opens automatically on the first item in the board outline.

In browse mode you can use the left and right arrow keys to jump between items or directly click on them.

In the minimap you can see a complete overview of the board itself and click to jump to an area.

If there are other users on the board, and you’d like to see where they are, turn on live pointers and their location will show up on the minimap.

This is a great feature to use during a group meeting as their viewport and pointer let’s you see exactly what element or section each person is talking about.

How to move

To move around the board, you can just click and drag.

When you are in a tool mode, you can press and hold the space bar and drag, without having to switch back to browse mode.

How to zoom

In any tool mode, press shift and use the mouse wheel or scrollbar motion on a trackpad to zoom without switching modes.

You can also use the mouse wheel/trackpad motion without the keyboard by hovering the mouse pointer over the zoom box or minimap.

And of course, you can use the drop down menu, or use the selection tool to select or click an area.

Press shift and click when you want to zoom back out.

Tool Guide

Review Tab

To leave feedback, use the review tab to scribble, highlight, and add new comments.

Use the select tool when you need to crop and slice your added content.

To leave a comment, select the comment tool or hit c on your keyboard, and click and drag to create a comment box.

If you make a comment box by mistake, you can click outside of it or hit escape, and click command z to easily remove it.

For our pro users, you can use our @Mention feature by typing @ and another pro user’s name in the comment.

This creates an alert in the app and via email letting the other user know what you need their input on and it also automatically shares the board with them.

If you need to assign a task, click the checkmark. Any @mentions in the comments will have the task assigned to them automatically.
When your discussion is finished, you can collapse your comment thread to preserve the discussion, and keep only the original task and final decision visible.

Create Tab

Switch to the create tab for lines and arrows, shapes, and text boxes, sticky notes, and headlines. When you create a headline, they are automatically added to the board outline.

If you need to export a board with Chinese, Japanese or Korean scripts, make sure to switch the font to Arial first.

Thanks for watching and check out our Conceptboard Knowledge base for more great tutorials and videos.


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New video guide to boards: best features and shortcuts

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