New: Board Sections to structure your ideas and visual content

To usher in spring, we’ve released a new update to the Conceptboard Board Sections!

Sections allow you to structure and organize content in the boards to best fit your team’s creative workflows and needs.

Create interactive presentations for remote meetings and sales calls, make brainstorming sessions more productive, or create custom exports of your board content.

Adding board sections

Sections are perfect for easier navigation–use the arrows on your keyboard to move between them, or click on a section to navigate to it in the board. Users on the board must be Editors to be able to add/edit Board Sections.

The following items can be added as a Board Section:

  • Rectangles
  • Sticky notes, text boxes, and headlines
  • Images, uploaded files (multi-page documents are automatically added as board sections for easier navigation)

Comments have their own panel in the sidebar. You can use the Rectangle tool around scribbles if you want to include them in the sidebar.

Add an item on the board as a section

Agile approach for working visually

  1. Use the Select tool to select the item.
  2. Click the “Make board section” in the toolbar or right click menu. Or use the shortcut: ALT + B.

You can also use Sections to group and organize multiple items on the board.

How to add freeform sections

Conceptboard meeting planner

  1. Zoom out to where you can see all content.
  2. Open sections sidebar and click on ” + create new section”.
  3. Choose section color and click and drag to create sections.
  4. Make sure to add useful names!

You can also use the Rectangle tool to visually group other content on the board:

  1. Zoom out to where you can see your content.
  2. Select the Rectangle tool from the toolbar (or hit U on the keyboard).
  3. Click and drag to create the size you need. Pin the rectangle and change its color etc.
  4. Click the “Make board section” in the toolbar or right click menu. Or use the shortcut: ALT + B.

How to add custom section sizes

Conceptboard design section

  1. Open the sections sidebar.
  2. Click “create new section”, then “new custom size section”.
  3. Choose the section size you need (or choose your own size) and click “create section”.

What can you do with the custom section sizes? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Create quick UI sketches for apps.
  • Export board sections to use in Powerpoint (use the 4:3 ratio).
  • Setup Letter or A4 page sections so you can easily print out your custom board exports.
  • Setup 16:9 ratio sections in the board to make sure your interactive presentations look great on laptops.

Sections Tips

To move a section in the sidebar, click and drag it to a new position. You can also right click and choose “move to top” or “move to bottom”.

To select a section, double click it, or hold down command and click on a section/sections to select them.

To select a range of sections hold down shift when selecting sections.

To select all sections, click on the sections menu and choose “select all”.

To remove an item from the sections sidebar, right click on it and choose “remove from sections list”. This does not remove the item from the board.

To duplicate a section, you can select a section and click on the “duplicate” icon in the toolbar or right click menu, or copy and paste it via the keyboard commands.

See how you can share the link to a section or item in your board with other board participants.

Something else you’d love to see added to Conceptboard? Let us know on Twitter what new releases you’d like!


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New: Board Sections to structure your ideas and visual content

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