Two-color Branding is Now Available

 First things first: Thank you very much for all the positive feedback regarding the new Conceptboard. We are really amazed by all the comments and input you sent us. Thanks a lot!

In the last weeks, we had a lot to do to process all your great ideas and feedback. Especially our professional users had some specific wishes. For example: the two-color branding of the licenses which I would like to present to you now.

As a company, you are using corporate colors which belong to your image and are an important part of your branding. Of course you want to use these colors in the communication with your customers and suppliers. And that’s where Conceptboard can be a really helpful tool for you, also if blue and orange don’t fit your branding ;)

So that’s how it works:

From now on you can brand your boards and your entire business and education licenses by adding your logo and adapting lots of colors including all buttons to your own color branding. Thus, you can collaborate with your clients and suppliers in Conceptboard as if it was part of your own website. 


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Two-color Branding is Now Available

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