The New Conceptboard is Here!

New tools in Conceptboard
The wait is over! The new Conceptboard is finally at your fingertips ready to be used. Better, faster, more lightweight, with a radical new design and user experience. In one word: Awesome!

Become better and more efficient in what you do through the use of the new features like chat, video conferencing, live location and the possibility to lock board content. Your boards will look even more impressive with the enhanced scribble tools and the font styling features. 
Go explore your new ‘real-estate’ in the cloud. Increase your starting 25m2 board space by recommending Conceptboard to your colleagues and friends. You and them will get 2m2 for each recommendation. 
To all our professional users: You already have unlimited square meters at your disposal.


Start using them now.


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The New Conceptboard is Here!

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