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Schedule your Daily Frogs in the Morning to Defeat Procrastination

Being more productive is on everyone’s mind to start the new year off right. Plan your most difficult tasks with the new weekly template to fight procrastination and become more productive!
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The Secret of Successful Feedback

“Feedback is never helpful, and can be more damaging than anything,”  says your teammate that has never had positive feedback before. Feedback has always been an important part of the editing process of a project. How do you give and […]
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Understanding 4 Workflow Styles To Improve Your Productivity

People work an average of 45 hours a week and consider 17 of those hours unproductive. That means almost 37% of the work week is wasted!
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Better Visual Collaboration: Redesigned Board Experience

We’ve made lots of changes to the board itself to help improve your workflows and make your sessions more productive.
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How to manage visual tasks with Trello and Conceptboard

With our Trello integration into Conceptboard, all the tools needed for a constructive flow of communication within your team are directly in front of you.
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