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Feedback Capture Grid template

During product testing, it’s vital that you record all feedback, both positive and negative, so that nothing slips through the cracks. A Feedback Capture Grid is a great way to collect this feedback in a […]
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Five of the best applications of an online whiteboard

Benefits of an online whiteboard can help curate a clear communication exchange improving collaborative task across any time zones in real-time.
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Busting the myths of remote work

It’s time we busted some of those misconceptions and started setting the record straight on remote work.
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5 ways remote work is beneficial for your company

As an organization, one should consider the benefits it could bring to your business deploying remote work opportunities for your staff. Our 5 ways of remote work shines a light on how this transition can be helpful in your company.
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10 Steps To Effective Teamwork With The Team Canvas template

Whether you’ve got a new team member, you’re kicking-off a new project or your current team is underperforming. Our 10 Step guide and free template will give you everything you need to know to run a successful Team Canvas goal setting session.
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OKR: Google’s Secret to Success and How You Can Use It

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting framework that is based around this exact idea, and it has been gaining traction as the go-to goal setting and tracking method in the business world.
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Create your own mood board with our free template, guide & examples

Using a digital mood board is great for presenting to clients or your team so everyone involved can agree in real-time on a direction quicker.
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Introducing Board Access Roles

With the latest release, we’ve given board owners the ability to have more control over what users can do on boards and projects.
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Agile Iterations in Marketing Teams Part I

In today’s fast changing pace, we need to use a method to be able to keep up with everything. Find out how to become a fully immersed marketing agile team!
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