News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Spring release out now! Improved functionality for better collaboration


Conceptboard was already great, but there is nothing that could not be done better ;) We reworked the service, we redesigned  the look and we implemented a bunch of new features. Everything to make collaboration easier for you, for your team and for your customers.

So what are the details? Have a look at the screenshot below – if your are familiar with Conceptboard you should be able to recognize all elements you’ve used until now, plus some nice new ones that I would like to talk about next.



Let’s start with the board’s new header: It still contains Conceptboard’s tools as well as some meta and navigation elements. But as it’s your content’s frame, we tried to make it as unintrusive as possible.  Nevertheless it stays responsible for the board’s most important tasks: Providing the tools for YOUR WORK and giving others the possibility to WORK WITH YOU.

We’ve seen a lot of people work with Conceptboard, and we identified two major user types – or better: Two phases in which users work. One is the “creation phase”, when you work intensely with the tool, you import new work, you scribble, discuss and create diagrams. And the other one is the “annotation phase”, when it’s sometimes just enough time to join for a quick feedback round and for assigning new tasks. We’ve reflected that within a toolbar that also has two states. When you join a board it starts in a simple mode, showing the tools for a quick annotation and task assignment (see picture above). But with one click you switch to the full range of tools – an even broader set than ever before (see further below).


Second: Live collaboration rearranged. You’re probably aware of our chat feature, the live locations functionality, our video chat and the moderation mode? Yes? Then simply jump over to the next paragraph. If not, then unfortunately I have to admit that we hid some of those features quite well in the past. There was one button, and then a dialog, and then there was some magic and… however… now it’s super simple: You’ll find the chat, the participants’ list, the video streams and all other conferencing features within the footer (that you can always collapse, when you need the space).

Third detail, and that’s one of my favorites: Import from other websites via drag and drop. Sometimes it’s very nice to collect impressions from different sources in a single spot, think of a mood board for example. You’re probably already using our “screenshot applet” to import any type of content. But now it’s even easier – just drag an image from your website of choice into a Conceptboard. It’s visual collaboration and it’s instant (and yes, the video is muted ;)


Fourth: Iteration support with a new timeline! You’re working in an agile process? Then get curious about where we’re heading with Conceptboard! Great things are about to come…. and as a first step we’re releasing a board-internal timeline. For the first time you’ll have a temporary view on iterations within your board and an immediate overview on open or even critical tasks. It helps you keep track of all changes that occurred during your team working on the shared document. So now it is even easier to control tasks in your project.


And there’s even more: Sticky Notes as you know them from real life. For adding more text than just a short comment to your board. The frequently demanded Eraser Tool for deleting objects with one click. Easy line breaks for all text boxes.  A surface that is more solid and prevents  accidental changes while browsing the board (small hint: Use double-click to answer on comments in browse mode anyway – and by the way those hints are now displayed within the app, too). And a better interface for creating objects: Text types, sizes and alignments can be set before creating the object, so repeated setup for equally styled objects is prevented. Here’s an example of our toolbar when displayed during “creation phase”.

And finally, we rebuilt the welcome screen for your collaborators: Now it’s straight forward and easy. I hope you think the same of all I just presented to you. Our goal is to make your collaboration a breeze – so please try our new version and give us feedback! And stay tuned for the next things to come from us ;)

New version at your fingertips:

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Spring release out now! Improved functionality for better collaboration

  1. I like the changes you’ve made but I think there are still some small changes to be done to make it perfect. How about embedding webpages to the conceptboard. as well as videos and other stuff. Then this tool would be perfect for my kind of use.
    Im a teacher and I really would like to use conceptboard for brainstorming on a subject, and I give my students 5-10 mins to give me a feedback on what they know about a subject. Then if possible let the students copy the board and start organizing their own knowlegde combined with the other students knowledge. At last we make a curriculum toghether – and it is here I would like the students to go hunting for treasures (webpages) that would be fun to have in the curriculum. If theese could have been embeded in a board then the board would end up as the curriculum, and conceptboard woould be the best learning envirnonnement ever.


  2. Hey Tom, Thanks for your message. I absolutely like your use-case and of course the estimation that we’re very close to be the “best learning environment ever”! Wow, what a compliment! And guess what, there are discussions going on here about how to resolve integration of live web sites. It’s not said that this is a feature we’ll definitely have (technical issues as well as usability), but we’re checking its feasibility. In the meantime I invite you and your students to make use of the different import possibilities for static content: First of all the screenshot Applet, if your devices have Java installed. Second the new feature for dragging images from other browser windows. Third, import of live pictures when you’re using Conceptboard on the iPad. And last, the normal drag and drop of content that you downloaded before. Did you check all these out?

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