Release notes: new shortcuts

We’ve made our list of shortcuts easier to browse in a new dialog with separate tabs. We’ve reassigned the Hand and Select tool as the design industry standards Hand (H) and Select (V).

This has also allowed us to free up the use of S for Shapes, and M for the Minimap. You can also use shift + S to cycle through the shapes quickly and select the one you want to add to the board.

As the rectangle and circle shapes are used so often by users, we’ve kept the Rectangle (R) and Ellipse (O) shortcuts for creating fast mindmap flows.

New shortcuts

The following are all the new shortcuts we’ve introduced with this release:

Tools and UI toggles:

F: Format brush

Select an item, then hit F to switch to the format brush and click to apply the style on a second item.

M: Toggle minimap

B: Toggle sections sidebar

I: Toggle insert sidebar

Board actions

⌘ + L : Pin item

⌘ + shift + L: Unpin item

⌘ + ↑ / ⌘ + ] : Move selected item to front

⌘ + ↓ / ⌘ + [: Move selected item to back

Want to temporarily hide answers on the board from your workshop? Create an opaque section and pin it on top of your content. Double click to select a pinned item, unpin it, and send it to the back to reveal the answer!

Selection/zoom actions 

2/⌘ + 2: Zoom to selected item

shift + resize: Keep fixed aspect ratio

On first shape creation, holding shift gives a 1:1 ratio so you can easily make squares/perfect circles.

⌘ + move: Disable auto-alignment

shift + ⌘ + resize: Disable auto alignment but keep fixed aspect ratio


⌘ + shift + M: Mute/unmute yourself on the current video conferencing call.

Of course, only available when the video conferencing is available as part of your plan.

alt + U: Show/hide user cursors

Doing a screenshare or presentation and too many user cursors getting distracting? Hide them by using the new shortcut, or via the View board menu.

Check out the full overview of the shortcuts in our help center, and try them out in your boards. Happy collaborating!

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Release notes: new shortcuts

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  • Please revert the change so that middle mouse button can move around the board again. Right click is an atrocious idea for this shortcut, as it constantly brings up a completely useless menu. There is no reason for middle mouse to have the same functionality as left click.


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