Technical Updated on: 28 March 2019

Updated: Short public instance server issues fixed!

Conceptboard maintenance operations


UPDATE 18:10 PM CET  The Conceptboard public instance is back up and running!

Update Tuesday 18:10 PM CET: We’re back up!

We want to thank all of our users for their patience this morning (or afternoon depending on your part of the world), and want to reassure you that your data was safe and backed up the entire time.

Our enterprise dedicated instances were not affected in any way by the outage.

Update Tuesday 16:39 PM CET

Our tech team have all hands on deck to get this sorted ASAP, we’re sorry for the interruption to your boards!

Tuesday 15:47 CET 

Experiencing some server issues this afternoon with our public instance.

Enterprise dedicated instances are not affected.

We’re on the way of solving this now and hope to get all services back up quickly. Sorry for showing the octopus and we thank you for your patience!

You can always check the status of Conceptboard via our status page. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please do let us know. Feel free to reach out @Conceptboardapp or


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