News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Project Workflows Invitation-Only Beta

Conceptboard New Project Workflows coming soon!


We are so excited to release what we’ve been cooking up for the past few months, that we couldn’t wait any longer. Today we’ve officially launched our invitation-only beta for our upcoming release: Project Workflows!

Whether you’re working with external partners or across teams in your organization, this release will help you get creative projects done faster, from concepts to completion. Here are some of the awesome new features and changes we’re adding to Conceptboard!

Updated Board Design

conceptboard online group

With a brand new menu bar, a cleaner user interface, and lots of small usability improvements, Conceptboard has never been easier to work with. All your favorite tools are just a click away!

Board Access Roles

Conceptboard project workflow

We’re introducing access roles to boards and projects! You will have control over which participants can do what on your boards:

  • Editor: will be able to edit all board content.
  • Reviewer: can leave comments, scribble, and edit only their own content.
  • Reader: will have read-only access to your board.

Safer Guest Access

In addition to the access roles, we’re implementing a feature many of you requested: Guests will only be able to access as Reviewers or Readers, depending on the default you select for your board.

As Reviewers, they will be able to add feedback on the board and add their own content, but they won’t be able to edit or move any of the other content on the board.

Board Updates Feed

conceptboard post update

A major part of the Project Workflows is the new Board Updates! Every participant who has worked on the board may post an update to the others on the board. This makes it very easy for Reviewers to post an update and tell everyone that they are done giving feedback.

Not only will you be able to see the history of updates for individual boards, but board participants will also receive in-app and email notifications when someone posts an update! You will also have the option to subscribe and unsubscribe from board and project alerts.

The new Board Updates will really speed up working together through iterations of a project!

Board Approvals

conceptboard pending approval

Get the last check on your final concepts before sending it off! You and your team will now be able to start an approval process on all of your boards. You’ll also be able to see the history of the approval in the board feed, and download a copy of the approved board for your records if you need it.

Important: It’s a Beta!

If you would like to try out these features, please request access to the Beta. It’s important to note that this is completely separate from your normal Conceptboard account.

Once you receive your invitation, you’ll be able to take a quick look at the board redesign, or sign up for a new account on Beta to try out the new features. This account is not connected to your regular account in any way and it will be deleted when the Beta closes.

As this is an early look, you may encounter some little bugs from time to time, but we’re working on them! Please take a second to let us know what you think of the new features by emailing us at


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