New tweaks and updates

You perhaps already noticed that we keep updating and tweaking Conceptboard continuously (two updated versions each month). A lot of the changes are based on your feedback, wishes and ideas, so one might say you own a piece of the cake.

In this very update we improved several parts of the boards design. The most eye-catching one is the new comment styling. The comments are now more distinct from other elements, especially the text blocks. This helps you to distinguish better between the creation and the feedback level. If comments contain tasks, they stand out even more since we added color-coded statuses.

Furthermore, we updated the Navigation Sidebar on the right, making it easier for you to orient yourself on the board.

You might discover some more minor tweaks, comment below if you find them ;)


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New tweaks and updates

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  • Like the new changes a lot. The new comment boxes are simple but very well designed and the sidebar is a lot less unobtrusive… great job! Now just give me the option to keep the left sidebar folded by default and I am going to be a very happy user ;)

  • Kathleen Fritzsche
    9 September 2012 16:59

    Thank you Roman for this great feedback. We are glad that you like the changes so much. And we will take the hint with the left sidebar into account. Thanks!


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