News Updated on: 5 April 2019

New: Chatter support for all Conceptboard Business Licenses


Just in time for our presentation at Dreamforce12 (join us September 20, 1:30pm, Moscone Center West 2020, San Francisco) all Conceptboard Business and Enterprise Licenses now support the integration to Salesforce Chatter!

Conceptboard is a brilliant extension to the amazing enterprise collaboration solution Chatter. If you’re already a Chatter user, you probably appreciate Chatter’s possibilities to exchange files easily between individuals or within larger groups. Even commenting a file is possible, but how can you comment on the file’s specific details? How do you refer to certain pages in a presentation or to specific paragraphs in a document?

That’s when Conceptboard’s Chatter integration shines! Upload your file into a Conceptboard, set your comments on detail level, and connect the board to your Chatter group (Business and Enterprise users will find the following dialog in their board’s attachments and export area).


After connecting to a Chatter group, an initial post with the link to your Conceptboard is automatically being posted. From now on, your Chatter team can join you in Conceptboard, can see which details you commented on, can answer your questions or even set tasks or add further content. It’s Conceptboard’s clear and easy collaboration – but with your whole Chatter group!

And even better: All group members stay up-to-date, even if they don’t join your board! Conceptboard posts updates automatically to your Chatter group, so everybody can keep track. It does this as a comment to the initial post, and in form of a report. As the e-mail reports, also these reports contain specific links, that lead you directly to the specific spots on your content.

From now on you Chatter group is detail discussion enabled. If you’re not yet in possession of a Business or Enterprise license, then order one here!


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