News Updated on: 5 April 2019

New! Retina Support, Alignment and Grid Layout Options

New Conceptboard Updates Retina support


Working with visual content is the core of Conceptboard, that’s why we provide multiple ways to add content to your boards. You can drag and drop items, import from sources like Google Drive, and paste content from your Clipboard.

For all import methods, our main goal is to deliver a high quality visual representation of the item on the board. The end result is a combination of image conversion on our side and the scale that is used to display the converted item.

For example, if you uploaded a large picture from your camera to a board, without any image conversion or scaling, it would end up extremely large on the board. Especially, when comparing it with other items on the same board, like items you dragged in from the web or documents you’ve uploaded.

Although you could always select the item and shrink it, we wanted to make working together in the board even easier, so we’ve added automatic content scaling to all board imports. The scaling does not alter the image quality or the file itself, but helps keep all items on your board the same relative size.

How does the automated scaling for retina support work?

Retina Support: Naming Convention for Automatic Scaling

If your file names include the retina naming convention ‘@2x’ or ‘@3x’ they will be scaled accordingly when you drop them into a board. You can always revert back to the original file size via the new ‘Set image scale’ panel available in the Select toolbar.

Conceptboard scale image option

Retina Support: Pixel Based Automatic Scaling

We’ve created 3 rules for automatic image scaling. These only apply to the width of an image, so you can enter long screenshots without scaling problems.

Description Scale Attributes
Retina ‘@3x” 3x filename with ‘@3x’ OR width ≥ 3,000px
Retina ‘@2x” 2x filename with ‘@2x’ OR width: 2,000-3,000px
High Definition 1.5x width between 1,500-2,000px
 Original 1:1 Image 1x width < 1,500px

You can see an example table of various file types with initial pixel sizes and final scaled sizes in our Help Center.


Retina Support: Image Scaling Options

Conceptboard Scale Image Options 2x to 3x

You can also select to scale an image to several preset sizes, or enter your own custom percent value.

You can choose:

  • 1.0x (Actual Image Dimension)
  • 1.5x (High Definition Quality)
  • 2.0x (Retina ‘@2x’ Quality)
  • 3.0x (Retina ‘@3x’ Quality)
  • Scale with custom percent

Retina Support: Scale Images by Custom Percent

Conceptboard scale multiple images with custom percent

You can select a single image or multiple images to scale. Make sure to only select images and not grouped items. Hold down shift while using the Select tool, or click and drag a selection around multiple images at the same time.

New Object Alignment Panel

New Conceptboard Alignment Panel

We’ve added an Alignment and Distribute panel just like in Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Powerpoint that you can use when selecting objects in the board. This comes in handy whenever you need to be more precise with layouts and design aesthetics. 

The alignment options always align to the outermost object of all the selected objects.

For example, if you want to align all objects to the left or top, the above example would use Nr. 1 to align all selected rectangles. If you wanted to align on the bottom, Nr. 2’s bottom edge would be used to align all selected rectangles. Make sure the correct item is set the highest/lowest in the direction that you need and click on the corresponding alignment option. 

When your selected objects are placed in a vertical row, click on the left, center, or right alignment option. When your selected objects are placed in a horizontal row, click on the top, middle, and bottom alignment option.

Distribute Horizontally or Vertically

Choose this alignment option when you would like to have an even amount of space between objects. This uses the first and last object in the row and spaces out all other items between these extremes.

The New Grid Layout Options

New Conceptboard Grid Layout Options

You can align items in a grid for easier viewing. Click on the ‘Grid Layout’ button and choose how many columns and rows you would like. Then click on ‘arrange objects’. You can choose to ‘Leave the top left grid cell empty.’ Make sure to group items you want to keep together.

We hope you like the new Conceptboard Product Updates! Please let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below, or reach out to us via Twitter!



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