New options for teams: changing the default board settings

Conceptboard board settings

We’ve overhauled the Team settings page and added a few default options to make working in teams easier than ever. Team Administrators can now set a default board access mode and board access role for their team! This applies to all new boards created in the team. Team members can still change the settings on individual boards as needed.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use the new settings:

Turn off guest access

Work only with internal team members and don’t want to allow guests on your boards? Change the board access mode default to “Specific Users.” In this mode, you need to invite each user to the board, and everyone must have a Conceptboard account. Make sure to use Projects to share boards automatically with the right team members!

Set the default role to Editor

Conceptboard team settings

By default, boards are private to the user who created them. The board url is a unique link that makes it easy to share the board with Conceptboard users and guests. The default Reviewer role allows board participants to add comments and their own content without making any changes to items added by another user.

But what if you work only with your close internal team? And you always forget to change the access role before sharing the link? However you share your boards with your team (whether you drop a board link in a Slack channel or Skype call, or use Projects to automatically share boards), you can now set the default board access role to Editor.

Remember Editors can use all the board tools and move/edit all board content, perfect for when you’re collaborating closely with internal team members.

And with our new Board History feature, you can go back and review all changes made to a board. So if a board participant accidentally deletes information, don’t panic: you can always go back, compare, and grab a new copy of that content.

Editors can change the board access mode

In addition to the new team defaults, Editors on a board can now change the board access mode. The Board Owner can still restrict the Editor role by changing the following setting in the Share dialog:

Conceptboard access settings

Team Colors and Banners

Team defaults and customizations are available to our Team, Enterprise, and On-Premises plans. Remember you can set custom colors for the headers and buttons in the app to match your company’s branding!

Collaborative workspace team colors and banners

The welcome banner is shown on your team’s board welcome page while the logo is shown in the app to your logged in team members. Learn more about Welcome Banners and Logos in our Help Center.


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New options for teams: changing the default board settings

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