News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Major Image Performance Update for Large Boards


The Conceptboard product team has been working on a major image performance update. We’ve been testing it out successfully with a group of beta users for the past few weeks, and we’ve now released it to all of our customers!

What’s included in the update?

Previously, even if you resized large images on the board, the browser loaded the entire image. When you’re working with lots of content and iterations on your boards, large boards could become slow to navigate. To help improve the board performance, images previews are now generated in a smaller resolution when zoomed out to reduce the load on the browser.

Images now load in steps. If you’ve ever used a map application, you’ve seen this in action! The image quality increases and details are added as you zoom into an area of the board. We’ve focused on speeding up zooming in and out of content in the board, to ensure you can quickly move between items in the board.

Your original content stays the same

The original content on the boards will not be affected. The update changes the way images load and makes it faster and easier to zoom in and out of content-heavy boards. Check out this short video above to see how much faster the board zoom is on a large board!

Older boards conversion

The first time you access an older board, the initial loading may take a bit longer.

This is because the older images and content on the board are being converted to work with the update. Once the conversion is complete for a board, it will then load quickly for everyone who accesses that board from then on.


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