New Custom Section Sizes and In-Board Search

Conceptboard Custom Sections and Board Search

Great news: two more helpful feature updates have been added in Conceptboard this week: custom board section sizes and a new board search!

New custom board section sizes

Whether you’re using Conceptboard sections to create swim lanes in your online Kanban boards, creating interactive presentations for your team, or setting up custom board exports, sections allow you to organize your content and work visually.

Now you can set the specific size of any section you want!

How it works:

conceptboard section management

  1. Open the board outline
  2. Click on the menu icon then “insert new blank section”
  3. Choose one of the presets from the list or create your own.

conceptboard custom sections for the online whiteboard

That’s it! If you need to add multiple sections, you can either select the section and copy/paste via the keyboard, or click the board outline toggle button and choose “Insert previous section size.”

Don’t forget that you can change the colors and the background of sections when you have it selected with the Select tool!


What can you do with the new custom section sizes? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Create quick UI sketches for tablet or iPhone apps.
  2. Setup widescreen sections in the board to make sure your interactive presentations look great on laptops.
  3. Export board sections to use in Powerpoint (just use the 4:3 ratio option).
  4. Setup Letter or A4 page sections so you can easily print out your board content after you’ve exported it.

New In-Board Search

For those Conceptboard users that create a lot of text content in the board, a board text search is now live!

Whether you run brainstorming sessions in your boards, create user story maps, or have long comment threads over several iterations, now it’s even easier for you to find the exact item you need in the board.

conceptboard search finder for online whiteboards

Just hit Ctrl/⌘ + F like you would in any other app to bring up the board search. Clicking on an item will take you to it’s location in the board. It’s that easy!

The new board search allows you to search through texts, sticky notes, headlines and comments. Please note that text search is not available inside uploaded files and documents.

Read more

See how you can share the link to a section or item in your board.

Something else you’d love to see added to Conceptboard? Let us know on Twitter what new releases you’d like!


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New Custom Section Sizes and In-Board Search

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