News Updated on: 5 April 2019

New Contact Management


Introducing our new contact management interface. For our professional plans, we’ve replaced our “Contacts” and “Team” pages with one easy “Team and Participants” page. Here you can see your team and what access level has been assigned to them. You can select a group of contacts to create a new board straight from this page!

We recently allowed you to have multiple administrators on one license. Remember, administrators can add/delete users and change account settings.

We also recognized that you may want to further differentiate members in your license. For instance, those that are in your own company and those that are not (such as customers, partners, suppliers). You can now easily identify those collaborators who internal or external and quickly invite these members to boards intended for their access (for instance limiting access to confidential boards to internal users only).

*Please note that the act of adding someone to your license incurs an additional cost per user. If you would like to invite someone to quickly look over a board, but not become part of your team license – then you would invite them as a guest via the board you want them to review.

For our basic plans – you now have a “friends” page.

Board side bar navigation

Here you can manage your friends within Conceptboard but also see your open and accepted invitations. This way, you can see when you have earned additional square meters or new features by referring friends!


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