News Updated on: 5 April 2019

NEW: Introducing Project Workflows to Conceptboard


We’ve all been there: you have a project deadline looming, feedback still needs to be compiled out of a dozen different email threads, you’re waiting on approvals from several stakeholders, and your teammates are scattered across the globe, making getting work done harder than it needs to be.

This is what we’ve focused on as we set out to redesign Conceptboard, and today we’re proud to announce that the new version of Conceptboard has been released out of beta!

With the new Project Workflows, we reduce the communication challenges of distributed work, and introduce enough structure to workflows so that you can spend less time being busy, and more time being creative.

Conceptboard is built for marketing and remote teams that focus on visual content and brainstorming ideas. With today’s release, we’re introducing several important new features, designed to help teams centralize the review and approval process.

Board Approvals and Access Roles are a powerful way to speed up your creative workflows. Check out the new functionality below for more in-depth info, and let us know what you think.


Daniel Bohn, CEO



New Board Access Roles

conceptboard board access roles 1 opt

3 secure ways to manage and share content.

  • Editors (can create and collaborate on content)
  • Reviewers (can leave feedback)
  • Readers (can view content)

Board Updates & Approvals

Conceptboard approval process workflow

Done iterating and have the finalized version ready? You can now request approvals on any board, select multiple approvers, and set a deadline.

New Streamlined Interface

Conceptboard workflow process

We revisited every element of the board interface and concentrated on making it as streamlined as possible, and more intuitive for new and experienced users alike.


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