News Updated on: 5 April 2019

The Brand New Conceptboard Interface

New Conceptboard Board Interface Updates


The newest version of Conceptboard is now out with a brand new interface in all boards, making it even easier to collaborate with your team! All your favorite tools are just one click away. 

Here’s an overview of all the changes that have been made:

New Scroll to Zoom

Conceptboard new Scroll to zoom option

This was one of our most requested features: you can now choose how you want to scroll in the board!

Use the scroll motion on the trackpad or mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the board. Press SHIFT to pan around the board.

New grid background

To help you visually organize your boards, sometimes you need a little help. You can turn on or off the new grid guidelines from the menu bar.

Clean Menu Bar

Conceptboard Redesigned User Interface on the Board

We’ve removed the 4 large tabs in the center of the top toolbar and created a clean menu bar. You can now access all the board tools and features directly from the menu.

Added features

      1. Open a new board from within the current board
      2. Save the current board as a new board
      3. New View Mode: view the board as Editor, Reviewer, or Viewer

Organized Tools

Conceptboard New Organized Tool Set

The Move tool and the Comment tool can still be directly accessed from the toolbar. The slicing functionality was previously available under the Select tool, but to make it easier to use, it’s now on its own.

The rest of the tools are now organized in 3 sections:

  • Under the Select tool:
    • Select, NEW! Slice tool, and Erase
  • Under the Scribbling Pen:
    • Scribble, Highlight, Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Ellipse
  • Under the Sticky Note:
    • Sticky Note, Text Box, Headline

New Eraser Option

conceptboard trash can option

When selecting items, a trash can button appears in the toolbar to easily delete several items at once on the board. It’s an easy way to clear the board.

Other Changes: Top Left Corner of the Board

conceptboard arrow option

      • Click the title of the board to rename it
      • Easy to access Insert + button
      • Updates and Approval dialog icon
      • The team name is now shown above the board title
      • Custom branding color: if your team has added a custom header color, it’s now added as a thin line at the top of the board

Other Changes: Top Right Corner of the Board

User profile option

  • All live participants on the board are now shown in the top right corner
  • Quickly see what Board Role you have on the board
  • Quick access to your account settings by clicking on your name

Conference Tools Relocated

conceptboard conference tool option

The Conference Tools have been relocated in the left toolbar and the bottom toolbar has been removed for a cleaner look.


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