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Product update: new board history and versioning

Conceptboard Versioning feature


Working in Conceptboard’s online whiteboards allows you to collaborate visually with anyone from any location. Content on the board is automatically saved and shared with your board participants. Today we’re introducing a great new feature for our Team and Enterprise clients: Board history and versioning!

Board history gives you a complete view of all past board activity so you can see and compare what’s changed in your content, at all times.

Get instant access to previous versions of the board. Easily reference, compare, and export previous board iterations, turning your creative processes into trackable content.

And with the new Workflow Snapshots you can post a board update to your board’s participants, and it’s automatically bookmarked as a point in time in your board’s history, letting you quickly find that version in the future.

Here’s what you can do with the new features!

Board history benefits

Conceptboard product development release history

  • Track the entire board history: in board history mode, you can see when an item or file was added to the board and who was on the board.
  • Restore a previous version: if you made a mistake in a current version, or deleted something you didn’t want from the board, you can use the board history to create a new copy from any point in time.
  • Compare to a previous version: you can view a previous version of the board without overwriting your current board. The board history opens in a new tab so you can compare the two versions to determine what was changed.
  • Save important moments in your workflow:  workflow updates are now bookmarks in the board history timeline, allowing you to easily find important versions in your board’s history. Use the new snapshots to add a quick visual overview to your update, so you can remember why it’s important!

How to access the board history

Conceptboard Kanban board

Only Board Editors are allowed to view the entire board history and create copies from a point in the timeline.

Open a board where you are an Editor and then click “Open board history” in the Board menu. The board history will open in a new tab. You can speed up the timeline, and choose “zoom to fit” to fit all board content to your view, or turn it off to focus on a specific area of the board.

Restoring a version from the board history

Conceptboard board versioning

Once you have found the point in the board history you would like to restore, you can click the “Restore this version” button.

Give the board a new name and click the “Copy board” button. Once the new board has been created you can either open it, or close the notification. Your board will still be available from your boards overview if you click “close”.

If the initial board was already in a project, the copied version is also created in the same project. Make sure to check the board access management in the Share dialog to make sure all the right people have access to the board.

How to save important moments in the new Board History

With the introduction of the new Board History, we’ve also added a new feature to our Workflow dialog. Board updates in the Workflow allow you to quickly send out an update to all the board participants. It’s great for when you want to announce that a new iteration is ready for review, or the latest version needs approval.

Updates are saved as markers on the board’s history, allowing you to quickly reference important moments in your process.

Now whenever you post a Workflow update, you can include a Snapshot of a board area. This image is included in the email alert, and serves as a visual reminder for the update. You can view the full snapshot and download it later from the Workflow dialog.

conceptboard workflow board updates with snapshot for board history

To post a snapshot you can:

  1. Open the Workflow dialog and click the camera icon in the update field.
  2. Click on “Add a snapshot to this status update”.
  3. Zoom out to where you can easily see all the content you want to post.
  4. Drag a selection rectangle around the content
  5. The snapshot will automatically load in the post update. Make sure to add a descriptive text!
  6. Click “Post update”.

You can also:

  1. Use the Selection tool to select an item/multiple items/a section from the board.
  2. Use the top toolbar menu or right click and choose Export>”Post selection as status update”.
  3. Nice and simple!

By keeping track of all versions and changes to a board, the new board history ensures that teams have access to the entire creative history of a project. You can communicate changes with the entire team with no hassle, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Collaboration and working together can be simpler. Let us know what you think of the updates!


One thought on “Product update: new board history and versioning

  1. Hi,
    is there a possibility to delete the history? For teamwork it is really helpfull to have this option but sometimes we would rather restart without this function once we invite further people on the board – additonally ‘long-lasting’ boards slow down.
    Are you thinking about such an option?

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