News Updated on: 26 March 2020

Learning from Digital Nomads Remote work at its best


Digital Nomads explore the world making every destination their own workplace. We are excited to welcome remote work experts Adnen, Ivan, Josefine and To Lan as speakers for our digital nomad webinar special. These Digital Nomads will share firsthand insights into their journey of stepping away from a typical office workspace to exploring the world working full-time. These will include experiences, challenges, remote tools they use, and self-discipline techniques. If you’ve always dreamed of working full time while sipping a Mai Tai on a hammock in Bali or if you simply want to learn best practices for remote work, this free 90 minutes session is tailor made for you! We also have an open forum for all your questions on the topic.

Learning from Digital Nomads – Remote work at its best

with Adnen Rafrafi, Ivan Devedzic, Josefine Loewe, and To Lan Druckmiller
Friday, 27 March 2020 from 9 am – 10:30 am CET
Language: English

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Our Speakers:

Adnen Rafrari was born in Belgium and has Tunisian roots. As a child he had the opportunity to travel and explore different parts of the world. His dream career was never becoming a police man or an astronaut, but rather a businessman who could work and travel at the same time! After receiving his Marketing degree, he made this dream into reality. Leaving Belgium behind he moved to one of the Canarian islands to become a Digital Nomad. 

Ivan Devedzic is an IPMA Project Manager from Serbia with a passion for music and composing. He has lived in 4 countries and traveled to almost 50. His longest stint as a digital nomad was a 14 month long exploration through Central America and South America. During his time exploring these regions, his excursions led him to activities like diving in the Caribbean and climbing dozens of volcanoes. All this while managing a cross-functional remote team of specialists.

Josefine Loewe is a German Project Lead Recruiting at Kooku Recruiting Partners in Berlin. More than one year ago she decided to follow her passion for traveling, canceled her apartment and moved to Bali. Since then she’s been working remotely in the field of HR and recruiting. As a digital nomad she mostly stayed in Bali, Indonesia, but also traveled to Thailand and Australia. When she is not traveling she enjoys her deep passion for Yoga.

To Lan Druckmiller is freelance Interaction & Interface Designer from Germany. She’s been a digital nomad for more than 3 years since starting her career as a freelancer. She spends a majority of her time in Bali, Indonesia, but travels to Germany from time to time. Other countries she has traveled are Colombia, South Africa, and Australia. All while still working remotely. 


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