Introducing Design Kanban

Over the past few years at Conceptboard, we’ve talked with many creative teams developing different strategies to collaborate on visual assets. Then, for our last big product sprint, we took what works best for them, and for us, and brought it together with Kanban.

The result is a proposal that combines visual project management with visual content collaboration. We call it Design Kanban.

Personally, I’m quite sure it comes in handy when finalizing a product: when the core functionality of your new project is there, but you need to finish and fine-tune hundreds of small details. That’s what we did in the sprint, and that’s what you see in the video!

Check out my Medium post for the background information.

And for your next sprint, check in at Conceptboard to start with a visual backlog, yourself (…psst, I recommend this Chrome Extension for the screenshot part ;)

Hope you find this helpful! Tell me your ideas, here or via Twitter – Thanks!!!

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Introducing Design Kanban

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