News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Introducing Board Access Roles


The core of Conceptboard has always been to make collaboration on visual content as smooth as possible. Previously, when a board was shared with someone, they were automatically able to add and edit any content on the board. This is great for working with internal team members, but what about when you need to share content with external customers or vendors?

With the latest release, we’ve given board owners the ability to have more control over what users can do on boards and projects. This has been one of our most requested features, and we are excited to introduce to you, Board Access Roles. Let’s take a look!

The 3 Roles Explained

Whenever you invite someone to your board, or add project participants, you now have the following options:


An Editor is very similar to the type of access you had before the release. Editors can add and edit content on the board, use all the board tools, and move the board in and out of a project. In addition to this, Editors can now start approvals, change participant access roles, and remove other participants from the board (except the board owner).

Note: The board owner is still the only one that can change the type of access of a board (anyone with the link, specific users), and can further restrict the ability to change roles/remove users to themselves.


A Reviewer will have a smaller set of tools on the board: Scribbling, Highlighter, and Comments. The simplified UI is very useful for external users that need to only review content and leave feedback on your boards.

They can add their own content and comment directly in the board, but they cannot change or delete any items that aren’t their own. They will also be able to post updates and approve a board via the new Updates and Approval functionality in the app.


A Reader will be able to access your board as “Read-only”. They are able to move around your board and use the conference tools, but they cannot contribute to the content, as they do not have any board tools. This role is perfect for participants that only need to see the content as you often have it in presentations.

They will also be able to access the new Updates and Approval dialog, so they can stay updated of changes but doesn’t need to collaborate directly.

Guest Access

You can now set the default Access Role for guests on your boards. They can access your boards as a Reviewer or a Reader, depending on the selected default setting. This can be changed in the Share dialog.

More Info

Board Access Roles are available for all Conceptboard plans. If you’d like more in-depth details about the feature, please check out our Help Center articles on Board Access Roles.


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