News Updated on: 4 June 2020

Import Spreadsheet Cells as Sticky Notes: Conceptboard


Whether you’re building user stories or running a design thinking workshop, we’ve made it easier to import cells from your spreadsheet tables directly to Conceptboard’s Online Whiteboard. This works for a variety of formats including popular ones such as .xlsx, .csv etc. Once imported these sticky notes can be edited, color-coded and moved around at will. We outline the steps below:

Import spreadsheet cells as sticky notes

You can now copy a table or cells from Microsoft Excel, Google Documents and Spreadsheets, or web html tables and paste it straight into your board! Each cell will be pasted as its own sticky note.

Please note this feature works in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ctrl/Cmd + C to copy cells
  2. IE/Edge/Firefox browser users: click +Insert or the + icon in the  board
  3. Ctrl/Cmd + V to paste cells in the board

Tips for importing a spreadsheet table as sticky notes:

  1. Depending on your setup, some Firefox, IE, and Edge browser users may have to click the + icon before they can paste spreadsheet cells as sticky notes.
  2. Make sure to paste the cells into an empty area of the board. This makes it easier to then select the sticky notes and change their size and color.
  3. If your sticky notes have a lot of content and overlap, use the Select tool to drag a selection rectangle around all them. Grab the selection handle and resize all the sticky notes together. This keeps them nicely aligned.
  4. Prefer to have a different layout? Use the grid layout to quickly re-organize sticky notes.

How to directly import spreadsheet files into a board

You also have the option of directly inserting different spreadsheet formats into a board. Simply click on the ‘+’ sidebar and choose the ‘Upload files’ icon to add files directly from your local machine. You can also add a variety of other content formats such as PDF, PPT, PNG, JPG, DOCX to name a few. Conceptboard is the easiest way to centralize your files and visually organize versions.

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2 thoughts on “Import Spreadsheet Cells as Sticky Notes: Conceptboard

  1. Hi! Is this functionality of pasting excel cells in and having them be sticky notes available in the basic version?

  2. Does not work as explained here: The cells of a row (tried also column) I pasted into the board got me 1 sticky note containing everything – where’s the fun in that?

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