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Image Dimensions Template for Display Ads

Google Ads dimensions in Conceptboard!


When working with display ad networks, you have to provide different sizes for your ads. It can be a challenge to keep track of and discuss all the variants you have to provide for your ads.

Use the template below for the top performing ad sizes and try it our directly in a board. Open the template below, drag in the drafts of your ads into the board, and discuss them with your team. This will give you an interactive impression of how your new advertisement will look like!

Display Ads

Google Adsense Template

There are several dimensions in the template to consider before creating your advertisement. Created directly by the Google Adsense Team, you can choose from 5 of the top performing ad sizes:

  1. Medium Rectangle: This ad is 300×250 pixels in size. It performs well within text content or at the end of articles.
  2. Large Rectangle: This is 336×280 pixels. This also performs well within text or at the end of articles, however, it is not best for mobiles.
  3. Leaderboard: This advertisement is 728×90 pixels and performs well on top of main content.
  4. Half Page: This is one of the biggest ad sizes available, as it is 300×600 pixels. This performs the best when you pay attention more to the visual aspect of it.
  5. Large Mobile Banner: 320×100 pixels in size, it is the recommended size to use with mobile advertisements.


Leave us a comment below with what you think of this template when using it in Conceptboard!


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