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Using an Idea Board at Work to Unleash Your Creativity



Using an idea board at work

When you’re working in a team, it’s hard to collate everyone’s ideas at the same time and place. Using an Idea Board can solve this by generating a variety of ideas and then organizing them in a clear, visual manner. Varied content such as sticky notes, quotes, statistics and images are dumped on a board then arranged into useful ideas. While in the past this has been a physical wall, teams are turning to online cloud-based boards such as Conceptboard to compile their ideas.

  • Marketing departments. Marketing teams find this tool especially useful for the purposes of generating creative campaign ideas. One can also can use Idea Boards for brainstorming sessions or designing mood boards. 
  • Design thinking. Design-thinking workshops benefit immensely from the use an Idea Board to collate customer feedback on early prototypes, ideate on concepts and generate insights.
  • Agile Methodologies. The fact that these boards can be repurposed and constantly edited over a long period of time also lends itself to creating retrospectives and a priority matrix.


Balance Scorecard

Advantages of an online idea board

Using an online idea board simplifies the process as ideas are collected and stored in a safe place that can be continually updated. This centralization of visual projects means you’ll be able to generate more ideas, then prioritize, organize, and refine those ideas to achieve more effective and productive brainstorming meetings. The other major advantages of using these are as follows.

Content can be added quickly and easily and from any source

Videos, photos, documents, screenshots, or anything that sparks your imagination can be dragged and dropped into your online board. It’s so easy to insert content into Conceptboard, this video will show you 10 different ways to do so! 

Real-time collaboration is a game-changer 

This is especially true for remote teams. With Conceptboard, invite all participants to join a board so that everyone can add their ideas and contribute to the discussion at the same time, without delay. With a all-in-one tool like Conceptboard you can video chat, screen share or just follow along with cursors on the screen.

Preserve your ideas forever

By using an online Idea Board, all those brilliant ideas will be kept safe, so you can refer back to them for future campaigns, clarify feedback, or jog your memory months down the track. No more photos of messy physical whiteboards or scraps of paper lying around, just one clear board accessible at any time.

Sharing is caring

Once the board is complete, share the link with team members, stakeholders or suppliers and eliminate the loss of information as information is shared between departments. It’s the easiest way to break down collaboration bottlenecks. 

How to create your own board

Idea Board Template


To get started, simply open the free Idea Board template. Create a welcome screen with suggestions on how to leave comments so your teammates know exactly what to do. Then you can invite your team to join the board via the share button. 

In the early stages of an Ideation session, add anything that you come across that relates to the subject on your board! No idea is a bad idea. Simply drag and drop any image or text from your computer or the web directly into your board. Any file types that are not supported can be accessed via the ‘Downloads & export’ dialog. Or, if you’ve found a website that you would like your team to see, simply copy the URL link and paste it into the board. This will create an automatic sticky note.

You can invite other users or guests to a board, so they can add their thoughts and ideas by opening the access boards management dialog. When the group is finished jotting all ideas down, make the board “Read-only” through the boards settings. This mode will still give other users and guests access to the board, but they cannot make changes to it. If you want to go old school, export your entire board, save and then print it. You can also export the board as a PDF.

These boards are adaptable to suit the your teams innovation process or to find inspiration for future projects. Get started on your board now and get the creative juices flowing! 

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