News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Celebrate #iCollDay with 40% off Team Plan


Special #iCollDay Offer from Conceptboard!

In honor of International Collaboration Day, we’re giving away 2 free users when you sign up for a Team plan today! That’s 40% off the starting price!

How does it work? Normally our Team plan starts at $24 and includes 3 users. For those teams who sign up today, your Team plan will start with 2 additional users at no extra cost! Sign up today to get 5 users on our Team plan for $24.

Want to try Conceptboard first? Sign up today and get a free 30 day trial before you decide if you want the Team plan, no credit card required. If you decide to stick with the team plan after your trial, you get our special #iCollDay pricing for signing up today!

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What is #iCollDay?

#iCollDay is International Collaboration Day, and this year marks the first year time #iCollDay is being celebrated. One of the main instigators behind #iCollDay is Paul Lancaster. He recently did an interview where he describes what #iCollDay means:

#iCollDay or International Collaboration Day, which is on the 16th January 2014, was something that came to me as a ‘bright idea’ one day on the train in to the hub.
Co-working for me isn’t about a group of self-employed people sitting in a shared space with their headphones on with a bunch of strangers – that’s Starbucks! Instead, co-working is about being part of a collaborative, sharing and supportive business community.
So the idea behind #iCollDay is to get co-working spaces and users to focus on that key message. This is the first one and we are hoping to use this as the start of sharing that message globally.

Why are we celebrating #iCollDay?

Conceptboard helps teams across the world improve their collaboration on visual content. To celebrate #iCollDay, we wanted to empower as many teams as possible to improve their collaboration process. So we are offering a special price for Teams that sign up for a Conceptboard Team Plan today!

Not only do we support collaboration, but we also participate in co-working ourselves! We work in the Stuttgart Startup tower and co-work with lots of great companies, including RegioHelden Accelerate Stuttgart, Autonetzer, fairplaid, startup-Stuttgart, and more!

Offer Notes: You will see the new pricing effective for your account the day after #iCollDay. You have 30 days free to try the team plan before you must provide payment details and pay for your first month. Additional users with cost the regular $8 per user per month. Normal starting Team plan price with 5 users is $40 while today’s #iCollDay  price is $24.


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