Productivity Updated on: 5 April 2019

How to manage your time resources reasonably

Time management


Time management is a crucial part of our daily work to get things done and to meet deadlines. With the rapid technological development, we have a huge amount of information influencing and distracting us during and from our daily work. To avoid these distractions and to manage your time resources successfully, we have four tips for you:

1) Create and follow specific habits
Continuous habits structure your day. Begin your work at the same time every day and schedule meetings e.g. only in the afternoon to avoid too many interruptions in your productive work. Frequent breaks will help you to regain your concentration and to re-focus on your tasks and goals.


2) Choose one realistic goal at a time
Write your goal down and if it is a bigger goal, break it down into smaller ones and remind yourself of the overall goal regularly. Watch out for procrastination. It is often the result of unrealistic goals and the big amount of work piled up in front of you.


3) Make a task list for the day
A task list helps you to prioritize the really important tasks during the day. Set yourself time frames in which you want to finish a task. Motivate yourself with a small reward after you finished the task, e.g. go out for a short walk in the fresh air or listen to your favorite music.


4) Avoid multitasking
Multitasking distracts you from being really focused on your specific tasks. Additionally, turn off other distraction source, e.g. your mobile phone or your e-mail program, while working on a task which requires high focus.


Consider these basic tips and you will increase your productivity and better manage the work time at your disposal.


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