News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Happy Holidays: Trying to make the world a little better with collaboration

Conceptboard Happy Holidays


A heartfelt thank you to all our Conceptboard teams (in more than 200+ countries!) for accompanying us on our journey to help people collaborate better. In case you’ve missed some updates, here are some of the new things we’ve released this year:

We know 2017 will bring even better ways of working visually! We also wanted to give something back–that’s why we’re excited to help support an amazing non-profit project.

Kids underneath the Mangotree e.V.

Conceptboard architecture project plan layout

The non-profit project “Kids underneath a Mango tree”  was initiated by a youth group in Berlin in collaboration with the German architecture firm OLAAR. Together with local groups and students, they will build a children’s home in Bangladesh in 2017.

The non-profit needed a way to bring together cross-functional teams with different backgrounds and locations in the same space to plan and ideate together. That’s exactly where Conceptboard comes in: the online whiteboards are the perfect shared space for teams in Germany and Bangladesh to come together and discuss their ideas and plans.

The boards are easy to share and everyone can see the status of the work. Architecture plans and building mockups can be reviewed and feedback can be captured right on top of the content.

We will be sharing examples as the project moves forward to highlight some of the ways the teams worked together in Conceptboard. Stay tuned!


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