News Updated on: 5 April 2019

Grow your team: internal users can now send team invitations

Team invitation for new users


By default, Administrators need to directly invite or approve each new user invited to the team. But what if your Administrator isn’t part of your day to day work in Conceptboard? We’ve added a new team setting allowing you to choose who can invite users directly to the team. Here’s how to set this up!

Changing who can send team invitations

  1. Access the Team settings page with an Administrator account.
  2. Under Team invitations choose “Admin and Internal users“.
  3. Make sure to hit Save at the bottom of the page!

Once you’ve saved these settings, your internal users will see the following invite screen when they invite someone to the team.

conceptboard access management

A few notes

Any team member, whether they are an Administrator, External user, or an Internal user have the same cost for your team.

Administrators are still the only ones that can remove users from a team. You can have multiple Administrators on each team to make this process easier.

Nothing changes for External users. Administrators will still need to approve each External user’s team invitation.

Administrators can also choose to switch their team plan to the “fixed users” option and prepay for a specific number of seats. Internal users can then send out invitations until the number of seats is reached. Administrators will need to remove users as needed to reallocate the team seats for new users. Find out more about our billing options here.

Update: Check out the newly revamped Team settings page to explore the new board default settings options and see how you can customize Conceptboard for your own team’s needs!


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