News Updated on: 13 May 2020

Google Drive, custom colors, and more updates!


Getting ready for the holidays means some deep cleaning and sprucing up. That’s why we’re happy to introduce a 5 new updates in the app aimed at helping teams work together more visually and creatively.

New Google Drive import options

Now you can search and import files from your Google Drive into any existing board!

  1. Click on the Import dialog and toggle on the Google Drive option.
  2. Sign in and then the file picker will pop up in a new window.
  3. To sort by type of file or to click through your folder structure, click on the dropdown arrow in the search field, and chooses Images, or Folders, etc.

Conceptboard Google Drive Integration Google Picker

You can still link board to your Google Drive and open files directly from Drive into a new board.

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New custom colors for board tools

The new color picker in Conceptboard allows you to use custom colors across your boards, and even choose other users’ custom colors to your own color palette. Add your brand’s colors on presentation boards, or choose complimentary colors to make your mood boards pop!

Conceptboard online whiteboards custom color picker

How to add custom colors

  1. Select any of the Pen, Comment, Shape, Text, or Sticky Notes tools and click on the color option in the toolbar.
  2. Click on the new empty color slots in the bottom of the color picker.
  3. Enter the Hex Color Code for a color or select it from the palette.
  4. Click Pick Color to save it. To change a saved custom color click on the cog wheel icon.

Saving another user’s custom colors

To save a color someone else has used on the board, select the item and copy the hex code from the bottom of the color palette. Paste into into one of your custom color slots to save it.

Conceptboard Custom Color scale

New custom board background colors

Along with the new custom color picker, Conceptboard users can now choose any color as their board background color. Click on the Board menu, and select Background, then choose a custom color.

conceptboard custom background colors

New board access setting: make guests editors on boards

Conceptboard users have many different use cases. To make it easier to collaborate, we’ve added the option to make guests Editors on the board, allowing them to move and edit any content you need. The default settings for guests will be Reviewers, but you can change it from the Share dialog.

conceptboard share editors guests board

New uploaded file name overview

If you’re working with lots of different images and file versions, it can be helpful to know which file or slide of your presentation you’re looking at in the board. You can now simply hover over any uploaded file and you’ll see the file name!

Conceptboard file name hover online whiteboard

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