News Updated on: 5 April 2019

New Full Page Screenshot Extension for Chrome


For Chrome users, there is now an extension that makes it exponentially faster for you to quickly grab full page screenshots and drag them into your favorite apps, including Conceptboard!

The extension works offline and saves the screenshots directly to your computer, so no data is transferred to external servers. It’s private, easy to use, and works with many of your favorite apps.

Check out the video above to see what you can do, or read on for more details! You can grab the extension for Google Chrome here:

Install Full Page Screenshot Extension

Capture full page screenshots in one click

Google Chrome Conceptboard extension full page screenshots

When you need a full page screenshot of a website, just click on the “Capture entire page”, and don’t move your mouse. The extension will automatically scroll and grab the entire page for you.

All of your screenshots are saved in the Recent Captures overview for easy review. The date, time, and url of where you grabbed the screenshot from are also saved in the “Recent Captures”.

Capture website snippets and get an overview of your recent captures

capture custom areas of a webpage

When you need to grab just a small section of a website, click on “Capture custom area” and then drag a selection rectangle around the part of the website you want to save. Just like with full page screenshots, it’s saved to your Recent Captures.

Drag or paste into your favorite apps like Conceptboard, Photoshop, Trello, or Slack!

Drag in your favorite apps like Conceptboard, Photoshop, Gmail, Sketch, Trello, Slack

Click on the image preview and drag it into your favorite apps, like Conceptboard and Photoshop

For some applications, you will need to first copy the image:

  1. Right click on the preview of the image.
  2. Select “Copy Image”.
  3. Paste using the keyboard keys (Ctrl/Cmd + V) into apps like Trello or Slack!

That’s it! You can also choose to exclude sticky headers or footers. Here’s the full help article for more information. Right now this is only available in Chrome (English only), but we are exploring the possibility of making it available in other browsers (and languages!).

Have you tried the Full Page Screenshot for Google Chrome? Let us know what you think on Twitter or in the comments below.


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